Waterproofing ProductsFalcon chemicals offer eco-friendly waterproofing liquid membranes. These products have been successfully performing under the harsh Middle East climatic conditions for more than two decades. Bitumen based liquid products are available for water proofing of the sub-structure, wet areas (Kitchen, toilets and balconies) and roofs.


Waterproofing products

  • Bitumen emulsion SS 1H - tack coat
  • Bitutex R- bitumen emulsion
  • Bitutex R-10- rubberised emulsion
  • Ecoflex- bitumen emulsion
  • Flexkote - general purpose waterproof coating
  • Lavatex 2000- rubber modified liquid waterproof membrane
  • Lavatex 100- bitumen emulsion
  • Lavatex RBE- rubberised bitumen emulsion
  • Lavaseal- bitumen mastic
  • Superseal bitumen- bitumen emulsion
  • Elastofalt-ME- UV stable,latex modified,liquid water proofing membrane
  • Bitusol- solvent primer
  • Ecoshield- acrylic water proof coating
  • Ultraflex 2k- cementitious waterproof coating

Falcon Chemicals LLCwas established in the United Arab Emirates in 1976 by a prominent international .....
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