Construction ChemicalsWe offer a wide variety of products used in the construction industry. Our products have been used for more than 20 years in most of the prestigious projects all over the Middle East. The products for the construction industry are Tile Adhesives and Grouts, concrete repair mortars, specialy formulated adhesives for marble, natural stones and polystyrene, bonding key coat, floor hardener, self leveling compound and Epoxy/polyurethane coating etc.

Various product range manufactured are as follows:

Water & damp proofing

  • BITUTEX: Bitumen Emulsion
  • BITUTEX R10: Rubberised Bitumen Emulsion
  • ECOFLEX: Economical Grade Bitumen Emulsion
  • ECOSHIELD-SUPER: Highly Flexible Acrylic Waterproofer.
  • ELASTOFALT-ME: High Performance Liquid waterproofing membrane.
  • ELASTOTHANE: Single Component Water base PU waterproofing liquid membrane.
  • FLEXKOTE: Bitumen Emulsion with Thixotropic Consistency.
  • LAVASEAL: Bitumen Mastic
  • LAVATEX 100: High Performance Bitumen Emulsion
  • LAVATEX 2000: Latex Modified Liquid W/P membrane.
  • LAVATEX RBE: High Build Rubber Bitumen Emulsion
  • ULTRAFLEX – 2K: Highly Flexible 2 component cementitious waterproofing slurry.
  • ECOPROOF- 1K: Single component cementitious waterproofing Slurry
  • ECOPROOF- CWP: Surface Applied Crystalline Waterproofing System


  • ECOTILE ST: Polymer Modified Cement Base Tile adhesive for ceramic tiles.
  • TILEBOND UTA: Polymer modified tile adhesive for ceramic & fully vitrified tiles.
  • TILEFIX PD: Latex modified waterproof tile adhesive.
  • ULTRABOND 2K: Flexible 2 component tile adhesive.
  • ULTRABOND MBF: Middle Bed Adhesive for floor tiles.


  • MARBLEX: Adhesive for Natural Stones & Marble.
  • ULTRABOND ALC: Adhesive for Aerated Light Weight Concrete Blocks.
  • ULTRABOND F440: Adhesive Mortar for Difficult Substrates.
  • ULTRABOND HD: Adhesive for Natural Stones & Marble
  • ULTRAPRIME –HP: High Performance Universal Primer
  • ULTRATHERM –A1054: Adhesive & Baseplaster for E.I.F.S.


  • ECOGROUT –WJ: Tile Grout for Wide Joints
  • ECOGROUT/ECOCOLOR: Tile Joint Grout
  • ULTRAGROUT: High Performance Anti Fungal Tile Grout


  • BONDAID P: PVA Bonding Agent
  • BONDAID S: SBR Latex
  • ECOBOND: Universal Bonding Agent
  • ECOTILE-LATEX: Latex Admixture for Cementitious Mortar
  • ECORUSH- GP: General Purpose Bonding Key Coat
  • ECORUSH- MS: Bonding Key Coat for Micorsilica Concrete.


  • FALCON FEATHER PATCH: Repair Mortar for fine repairs/ Crack Filler
  • ULTRAFINISH -312: Cosmetic Repair/ Smoothing Mortar
  • ULTRAPATCH –522: Repair & Reprofilling Mortar
  • ULTRAPATCH-722: Structural Concrete Repair Mortar
  • ULTRAPRIME 112: Primer for Concrete Repair system.
  • ECOFILL-NS: Non Shrink Grout
  • ULTRAFILL- NS: High Strength Pourable Non – Shrink Grout


  • ULTRATOP-ST: Self-Levelling Underlayment
  • ULTRAPRIME- ST: Primer for Ultratop - ST
  • TUFFSEAL: Dust Proofer & Surface Hardener
  • ECOPOXY 310: Solvent Base Epoxy Floor Coating
  • ECOPOXY 410: Solvent Free Epoxy Floor Coating
  • Ecopoxy 510: Solvent Base High Build Epoxy Floor Coating
  • Ecopoxy 610: Coal Tar Epoxy Coating for the Protection of concrete & metal surfaces
  • Epoxy Mortar: Epoxy Base Repair Mortar
  • ECOTHANE COLOR TOP: Single Component Water based PU floor coating


  • CEMSTRIKE: Chemical Mould Release Agent
  • ECOSTRIKE: Water Based Mould Release Agent


  • ULTRASEAL-SB 330: Silicone Surface Sealer
  • ULTRASEAL-SB 660: Silicone Surface Sealer
  • ULTRASEAL SE: Stone Enhancer
  • ULTRASEAL-WB 450: Wet Look Silicone Water Repellent
  • ULTRASEAL-WB 850: Non Staining Silicone Sealer


  • TILEKLEEN: Tile & Grout Cleaner
  • RUSTKLEAN: Rust Remover
  • PLASTAID: Mortar Plasticizer
  • ECORUSH-DECO: Decorative Spatter Finish Plaster
  • ECOCURE-A: Acrylic Curing Compound
  • CEMKLEAN: Cement Cleaner/ Acid Etch

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