Falcon Chemicals (L.L.C) believes that ‘innovation’ has a major role to play in addressing the global challenges. For enhancing our technology leadership in the market, Falcon Chemicals(L.L.C) is having innovative Research & Development facilities and active product development program supported by highly skilled and experienced staff. “Strategic development program with increased effectiveness & efficiency for the customer choice” is the motto of our R&D.

We leverage all the technical knowledge that we can muster about the application know how and the functionality that Falcon Chemicals (L.L.C) deliver to customers. Qualified & Experienced team of R&D, works on new and innovative technologies to create the ‘products of the future’, meeting the Customer requirements.

Our Research & Development activities are closely aligned to the market needs and geared toward continuous improvement. We focus on in-house development of cost effective formulations to various sectors like Construction, Detergent, Adhesive and Water proofing industry.

Strong vender development set up to overcome the scarcity of raw materials in any circumstances, ensure ‘all time’ product availability to customers. We also focus on development facility for tailor made products to meet any customer requirements.

“State of the Art technology” in instrumentation & testing, focus on “Product Quality” meeting international standards. This includes testing of corrosion of alloy metals in engine coolants and accelerated condition testing.

Falcon Chemicals LLCwas established in the United Arab Emirates in 1976 by a prominent international .....
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