Automotive FluidsState of the Art production plant produce high purity Sulphuric Acid meeting ASTM and BS/EN standards. The product quality meets even the most demanding specification requirements of water desalination plants.

We also produce automotive batterygrade dilute Sulphuric Acid .These products are available in bulk tankers and 20 liters jerry cans.

Our Sulphuric Acid manufacturing complex consists of the following:

Product Quality

Our state of the art manufacturing plants produce high purity Sulphuric Acid meeting even the most demanding

Specification requirements of water desalination plants. Relevant quality standards are given below:

Mode of Supply

Sulphuric Acid 98% In Bulk Stainless Steel Road Tankers having capacities: 28M.T, 20M.T. & 7M.T.
Small Pack: 37 kgs nett HDPE J.Can
Sulphuric Acid 35% In Bulk Road Tanker having capacity of 20 M.T.
In Bulk IBCs, 1000 Litres
In 210 Litres HDPE Drums
In 20 Litres HDPE J.Cans

Our delivery tankers are equipped with the necessary acid transfer pumps,hoses, couplings & fittings.

Important note

In the United Arab Emirates, Sulphuric Acid 98% is classified as a CONTROLLED PRODUCT and covered Under United Nations Convention against Illicit Traffic In Narcotics Drugs & Psychtropic Substances, 1988. All Companies/Establishments that are dealing, trading (Import, Re-export, Transfer, Use or Produce) must register their names with:

United Arab Emirates Ministry of Health
Hamdan Street
National Bank of Bahrain Building
P.O.Box: 848
Abu Dhabi
Contact Telephone: Customer Service: 02-6117240
And obtain the necessary Precursors & Chemicals Trade License.


Acid Products

  • Battery acid [h2so4 35%] -bulk
  • Battery acid [h2so4 35%] -20L J/C

  • Sulphuric acid -bulk
  • Sulphuric acid - 37KG J/C

  • Deminaralised water –bulk
  • Demineralised water -20L J/Can
  • Demineralised water -210L drum

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